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For courteous, professional, and competitive residential roofing Kansas City services, you need look no further. We provide new Roofs, Re-Roofing and Roof Repair. Larry L. Vaught Roofing Company is the local, family owned business that Kansas City area homeowners have counted on for 53+ years to provide outstanding service and craftsmanship! We maintain high honors at Angie’s List (2005, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Super Service Award winner), have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have Haag Certified Roof Inspector Dan Whitfield HCRI-R on staff. We’ve also earned certification by GAF as a Master Elite Contractor and certification by Certainteed as a Shingle Master Company which allows us to provide our customers with exceptional warranties that are only available through certified roofing contractors.

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Roof Replacement

We provide the proper materials, installed per the proper methods of installation, with an exceptional level of craftsmanship.

Roof Repair & Maintenance

Don’t Cut Corners with your Roof Repair Company! 53+ years experience in the Kansas City area. Reliable and Honest Roof Repair Company.

Gutter Replacement

Since guttering and roofing go hand in hand to protect your home from water intrusion, Larry L. Vaught Roofing also provides quality guttering services.

Roof Inspection

Roof inspections are best performed “upon the roof” (not from the ground) by someone who has the training, knowledge, and experience to identify all relevant factors.

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    Industry’s Best Roof Warranties and Gutter Warranties

    We guarantee our workmanship for 10 years. You’ll find 5 years to be standard among most contractors nationwide. We often find that homeowners end up paying for repairs that should have been covered by a roofing contractors warranty / guarantee. This doesn’t happen to our customers! We’ve been taking good care of our customers since 1967 and make it a priority to see that our roof warranty work is performed promptly and professionally

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    Roofer installing new roof

    Roofing Reviews

    Are you looking for the Best Roofing Companies? Reviews are very important to research when you are selecting the best Roofing Company in Kansas City. We use Google reviews, Angie’s List reviews and the Better Business Bureau reviews to assess whether we’re doing a good job keeping valued customers like you happy. Please visit our Roofing Reviews page in order to grade our quality of work and customer service.

    Larry L. Vaught Roofing did a great job pre-sales helping me to select shingles for my 1920s era house. I had cedar shakes for many years, and wanted the best-looking composition roof available. I drove all over KC looking at roofs before deciding on GAF Glenwood® Lifetime Designer Shingles.I wanted a top-quality installation, with no cutting corners.I decided to only consider GAF Master Elite® certified contractors.After I decided on GAF Glenwood® Shingles, I researched GAF roofing systems. I developed my list of requirements after reading the GAF Residential Roofing Guide and the GAF STEEP-SLOPE PRO FIELD GUIDE, and consulting with several contractors, including Larry L. Vaught Roofing.Larry L. Vaught Roofing did a great job helping me to decide on installation details for a new roof and gutters.One of the things that I learned is that installation of a top-quality roofing system on a 100-year-old home is complicated, involving a lot of options, and some “extras” that might not be readily apparent. I learned that many contractors will try to cut corners in order to lower their cost.Many home owners who haven’t done their homework may not know what a contractor has left out of their proposal. (In other words, many consumers don’t know what they don’t know about roofing.) Examples include flashings, counter-flashings, air intake vents (e.g., Lomanco DeckAir® intake vents), bird blockers, where it’s important to install leak barrier, multiple options for different grades of materials, etc.GAF addresses many (though not all) of these complexities by setting standards for installation of a GAF roofing system.I decided that I wanted a GAF Lifetime Roofing System installed according to “GAF Weather Stopper® Golden Pledge®” standards for materials and workmanship. (Larry L. Vaught Roofing offers other installation options, such as installation according to “GAF Weather Stopper® System Plus” standards which ensure good quality at lower cost.)Larry L. Vaught Roofing developed an installation plan for gutters on my 100-year-old house, which is complicated because there are no facia boards. (In my experience, this is an important detail that some roofers fail to address properly.)Larry L. Vaught Roofing did a better job than any other Master Elite® contractor in KC to address all of my needs and concerns. Other contractors claimed in their ads to be the best, but wouldn’t put installation details (according to GAF Weather Stopper® Golden Pledge® standards) in writing. Larry L. Vaught Roofing put everything in writing, and did an excellent job following through during installation.I’ve received many compliments on the appearance of my new roof. I’m very pleased with Larry L. Vaught Roofing, and highly recommend them to anyone who wants a good quality installation.
    20:59 11 Oct 21
    We are very happy with Larry Vaught Roofing excellent workmanship
    John R.
    18:53 04 Oct 21
    Larry Vaught Roofing did an outstanding job replacing our roof after a hail storm. The insurance adjuster left some things out of their original estimate and Mike worked directly with them to get them added without our involvement. Between the time of the storm and when the roof was replaced we had a leak and they came right out and put a temporary patch on it. We were very impressed with their quality of work and customer service. Joe & Glenna Stumpff
    Glenna S.
    21:00 30 Sep 21
    Larry Vaught Roofing is the best. I will not use anyone else. The have professionaly replaced my shingle roof three times in the last 36 years because of hail damage. Their roofing crews have the skills and experience necessary to tackle any roofing job. That is why I am a very happy repeat customer.
    John N.
    15:26 30 Sep 21
    Larry's team did an amazing job on our new roof! Fast, efficient and exactly as promised including price.
    Janet T.
    20:00 29 Jul 21
    Tucker and Chris were great to work with and appreciate their honesty.
    Danny S.
    23:01 09 May 21
    I just had a new roof installed and I'm 100% satisfied with the price, the workmanship and the professional way it was handled from start to finish. The crew showed up exactly as promised and worked hard...there was always a foreman that I could ask questions and get understandable answers. Each night they cleaned up enough so I could use my property and there wasn't that typical construction mess all over. When they were done, the roof looked so good. But I also knew that Vaught has installed several "upgrades" from the previous roof that will make my house cooler in the summer and less prone to mold. The end of the project was amazing----almost every single bit of both old roofs were gone and there wasn't nothing broken or damaged in the landscape. I had 2 questions afterwards and the salesperson came right out to show me---first with pictures he took (I can't get on top of the roof) and then with diagrams. I realized that my questions were because I didn't know roofing and he was kind to make me understand that what I thought was. mistake was actually an intentional improvement for water control. How cool is that?This company wasn't the cheapest or most expensive bid that I got. But the value I think I've derived is well invested. Chris was my contact and he was excellent.Im going to go and get them to put up gutters especially since I'm so pleased with the workmanship and professional way in which they did business.
    Marsha Ratzel, Looking for New A.
    14:01 04 May 21
    I wanted to take a moment to compliment The 2 man crew who replaced our gutters. These two make a great team. Firstly, they work well together. Their “dance” was super efficient and knew when and what each other needed at any moment. Most importantly they were very aware of each other’s safety and took care of each other. Their work was top notch and cleaned as they went. They we’re VERY respectful, professional and answered all my questions and requests above my satisfaction. Vaught Roofing’s communication on getting a quote, scheduling and answering all our questions were met in a timely manner:)I have to say that I was not excited about spending “non sexy” money on my house but now that the gutters are bigger and better they really do make my house look more substantial and nice!Thank you from this satisfied home owner!!
    15:23 30 Apr 21
    We were quite pleased with all of the work Vaught Roofing performed on our home. All employees involved were friendly, helpful and courteous. The job was completed in two days and the cleanup was done well. We would highly recommend Vaught Roofing.
    Jim L.
    14:56 16 Apr 21
    Remember the high winter winds of 2020-21? The 1st one loosened roof flashing. The 2nd lifted the flashing. The 3rd bent the flashing. And the 4th tore the flashing off the roof onto the back desk. The workman didn't laugh at us (but did laugh at my husband's jokes - thank you!). He installed a much more substantial flashing in a more secure fashion and lovingly tucked in a few wayward siding pieces along the way. You've got to love quality work at a fair price. We do! We are evermore committed to Vaught Roofing!
    Marian H.
    15:28 27 Mar 21
    I had an insurance claim from damage to the roof and gutters when a tree fell onto the house. Vaught was recommended and what a great experience. They were responsive and easy to work with. They handled the insurance side brilliantly so that I didn’t have to deal with that aspect of the claim. The work which included a new roof and gutters turned out great. Very happy with my decision to use Larry L. Vaught Roofing!
    14:24 23 Mar 21
    Larry Vaught roofing did a great job replacing our roofing and gutters after a hail storm.
    Will G.
    14:57 07 Mar 21
    Installed total new roof. Very happy with the job done. A few issues came up and were quickly taken care of. Anytime you're having a job this size done there's always going to be something that needs further attention, and they were very attentive to it and resolved it quick. Would use them again
    Gary B.
    17:04 05 Mar 21
    We used Vaught Roofing before for excellent repairs and then when a full roof was needed, we of course, used them. Excellent job as expected! Can fully recommend. M.J.
    MJ M.
    23:10 01 Mar 21
    This is the second time I've used Larry Vaught Roofing for shingle replacement. The first time was in the late 90's and lately for re-roofing two large duplexes after storm damage. The first job was on my home in Brookside and entailed the removal of 3 layers of shingles, including the original from 1908. They did a great job then, so I was hoping I could depend on them again. As expected, they came through with great looking roofs, and a year later, not one leak or problem I have found. The grounds were left in perfect condition. I will always look to the Vaught team for excellence.
    Wayne D
    13:32 01 Mar 21
    I was very satisfied with the entire company - from Chris Morgan who gave me the estimate & answered many questions, to the office staff, and especially to the roofing crew. The job was completed in 2-1/2 days, good quality work, looks great.
    Susan R.
    15:58 27 Feb 21
    Larry L Vaught Roofing placed our roof on our new home in 2001. They were highly recommended by our homebuilder. In 2017, we received hail/wind damage. I called 3 different roofing companies including Larry L Vaught Roofing to get quotes. The professionalism and quality workmanship made it an easy decision... we had Larry L Vaught Roofing tear off our old shingles and they installed a new roof. Our home is over 5000 square foot and has 6 different roof pitches so quality workmanship was important. Larry L Vaught Roofing does not sub-contract out your job. They hire and train their own highly skilled employees. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for professionalism and quality workmanship at a competitive price.
    Pamela S.
    15:48 26 Feb 21
    Wonderful customer service and quality of work! I feel secure in my investment in my home with my new roof! Thank you, Larry Vaught Roofing!!
    Maya D.
    23:11 22 Feb 21
    This is the ONLY roofing company one should choose. The service, quality and craftsmanship are unparalleled. The crew was on time, polite, professional, attentive to details, did not blare loud music all day, and leaned up thoroughly. I would highly recommend this roofing company for anyone who wants the work done right, well and on time, installed by the best in the business!
    Ann B.
    20:33 26 Jan 21
    This was the 2nd house I have used Larry L. Vaught Roofing to replace my roof and gutters, do to hail damage. The did an outstand job and I would highly recommend them!
    Gus B.
    22:51 18 Jan 21
    They are the best business to work with. Starting with our quote from Chris then the follow up and coordination with our insurance by Mike and the crew that installed our new roof were excellent and Tucker who scheduled our job and came to make sure that our property was left in satisfactory condition. No request or question was left unanswered someone was always there to help. Thanks to all of them for a job well done.
    Arlene M.
    21:54 13 Jan 21
    I am very pleased with Larry Vaught Roofing. The entire process was handled professionally. We originally met with Chris Morgan who is very professional and knows the roofing trade very well. Chris was very pleasant to work with and thoroughly explained the process to us. The installation crew was very professional as well and did an outstanding job. They went over and beyond, communicated very well and cleaned up the entire yard of any materials after they were through. I would strongly recommend Larry Vaught Roofing.
    Chris C.
    02:36 27 Dec 20
    We were very pleased with the work of Vaught Roofing. The office staff and roofing crew were very professional. Our roof looks great.
    Al H.
    22:01 24 Dec 20
    Great work from Carl and Tucker!
    Alex F
    22:33 05 Nov 20
    I relocated to the Olathe area in the mid-nineties and bought a home which had a cedar shake roof. As an engineer I’m quite detailed oriented and believe in preventative maintenance. Upon moving in one of the first things I set about doing was to locate a competent roofer for a detailed roof inspection and effect repairs as suggested by this inspection. After interviewing several roofing contractors, I settled upon Larry L. Vaught Roofing, Inc. Now on my second home- again with a cedar shake roof, I have continued to use Vaught for maintenance. Knowing the roof was reaching it’s end of life I contacted several roofing contractors to interview while developing bid specs to ensure bid consistency and minimum construction and roofing material selection requirements. Upon taking bids I was delighted to see that Vaught was very competitive and hence was awarded the contract. My roof is quite complex and took over 60 man-days to complete including skylight replacement, replacing a small flat roof section and repair of design deficiencies in the original roof installation. The work was completed promptly, and the site was cleaned up daily per HOA requirements. I met with the site supervisor before work began each day, anything that came up in the daily meetings was handled immediately in a professional and most courteous manner. Chris, Tucker and owner Mike et al were great to work with!
    Tom A.
    08:33 05 Nov 20
    They arrived a week earlier than expected and did a fantastic job. They also finished the job in a day when we thought it might take two. Thanks Larry Vaught Roofing!
    April G.
    22:48 03 Nov 20
    From start to finish, a great job. The bid process was timely and thorough, and the work started as expected. The results are excellent after a fast and complete effort by a good crew.
    CJ B.
    11:05 28 Oct 20
    I canno be more pleased with my new gutters and screens and the manner in which Chris Morgan and the young man who installed them handled everything. They were very courteous and also very speedy. Also everything was cleaned up nicely when they left. I would highly recommend Larry Vaughn Roofing Company to anyone. Thank you for a very pleasant experience.
    Evelyn T.
    14:57 20 Oct 20
    I was extremely happy with the entire procedure. The sales rep was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. The crew that tore off and replaced our roof was polite, courteous and thorough in ensuring all details were completed. Bravo Zulu for a job well done.
    edith K.
    20:53 19 Oct 20
    We had our roof installed earlier this year. We had a roof original to the house and some bad storms last year caused some small leaks. I had someone refer me to Larry Vaught Roofing and I’m glad they did. Our insurance failed to include something in their bid that is required in our county. Larry Vaught took care of everything. I didn’t have to call my insurance. They just sent an additional check. Also, their financing options made it a no brainer. Great experience!
    Adrian D.
    14:14 20 Aug 20
    Had several roofing contracters give bids based on pure gut instinks and a whole lot of research we chose Larry Vaught roofing, I always done my own repairs from start to finish I could only sit in my house and wait for the final results. Had some minor cosmetic issues that were resolved in less than a week.
    Bigrod V.
    20:40 13 Jul 20
    I recently had my roof replaced by Vaught roofing. I am so impressed by how easy they were to work with, how professional they are and the quality of the work that was done. It really makes a difference when you use a roofing company to replace your roof versus a company that does roofing, windows, siding... The roofing companies are just much more knowledgable about the important details that make all the difference. Mike Vaught and his team reviewed the insurance adjustors assessment of my roof and saw that there were items that should have been covered by insurance that were missed. Mike contacted the insurance company and got everything that was missing added. I did not have to do anything. As a busy professional, I was so pleased that I didn't have to spend time on the phone and that someone was looking out for me. My insurance agent said that Mike was the nicest roofer that he has ever work with and my agent has been in the business for almost 30 years. Vaught roofing paid attention to every little detail from start to finish. They went out of their way to make sure that I was completely satisfied and I really appreciate all the extra things that they did. My neighbors have complimented me on how beautiful my new roof looks. My old roof was not very old but Vaught roofing has the best guarantee so I don't have to worry about roofing cost for many years. I have used other roofers in the past but I will only use Vaught roofing for all my future roofing needs. They are truly exceptional!
    Kimberly M.
    18:26 29 May 20
    We have used Vaught Roofing for over 40 years and find themvery dependable and professional. And best of all "No Leaks"Gary and Pat Couchman
    Pat C.
    20:09 21 May 20
    We had a troublesome spot on our roof that had been poorly roofed previously. This resulted in a persistent leak that damaged our subfloor and pooled water in the basement. Vaught Roofing diagnosed the problem, made the repairs and there haven't been any problems since. They even came back and repainted the siding they had to pull after I forgot to leave out the house paint on their initial visit!We will definitely have Vaught Roofing back out when it's time to replace the whole roof.
    Todd N.
    13:41 11 May 20
    Since I have not had a roofing repair in the past, I used “Angie’s List” as a start to identify roofing contractors with a stellar rating. Larry Vaught Roofing was one of the highly rated contractors that I contacted for a quote. After meeting with several contractors, I felt that the Larry Vaught representative was the most knowledgeable and straightforward with regard to what I needed. Larry Vaught Roofing was not the lowest cost but that is because I am confident that the low-priced contractor was skipping some steps for a truly long-term solution. The low-priced contractor proposed caulking instead of replacing the flashing. Being a well-informed do-it-yourself-er, I knew that the flashing replacement was the appropriate procedure for a solution that would last well into the future. I was VERY pleased with the work crew and the job when finished. I also felt that my costs were very fair when I consider how much time the crew spent at my house for the repairs. If I need additional repairs in the future, I will definitely call Larry Vaught Roofing. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of roofing repairs.
    Kevin M.
    19:11 01 May 20
    I have used Larry Vaught Roofing on a few occasions, and all of my experiences have been excellent. They roofed my screened in porch a few years ago and did a fantastic job. Recently, they replaced our sky lights and repaired a buckle in our roof to our complete satisfaction. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.
    Don S.
    13:15 28 Apr 20
    Vaught Roofing has been wonderful to work with. They have serviced both my residence and commercial property. I highly recommend their services.
    Mia O.
    16:02 27 Apr 20
    I have used Larry Vaught roofing to reroof or repair the roofs on 4 different houses. They just finished repairing the roof of the house I live in. I would not have any other roofing company do my roofing work. They are knowledgeable, prompt, skilled at what they do and clean up afterwards, I highly recommend Larry Vaught Roofing.
    KEITH G.
    21:19 23 Apr 20
    Very professional, hardworking crews, and are very knowledgeable when it comes to roofing.
    Tucker K.
    15:10 23 Apr 20
    Great experience from end to end and competitive pricing. Vaught customer service and communication from all levels of the Vaught team was top notch. Bid was very detailed to assess the root cause of our roof leak and then the workmanship to fix was reassuring. I would definitely recommend Vaught roofing b/c of pricing, communication, follow thru and their roofing experience and knowledge. Great job!
    Eric L.
    14:23 23 Apr 20
    We had a great experience from start to finish with Vaught Roofing. The estimator provided detailed information on what was needed to repair our leaking dormer roof, the repair crew came out when scheduled, the job was finished in a timely fashion, and the communication was professional and to the point. We highly recommend Vaught Roofing.
    H B.
    02:50 22 Apr 20
    Quote was clearly explained with all areas covered. Work was completed in one day and there was no evidence post cleanup that a roofing crew had been there. Would recommend.
    Chris Y.
    19:13 21 Apr 20
    I am very happy with the guttering .
    Connie R.
    20:57 20 Apr 20
    Great crew, took care of all the details and made sure we were satisfied and rectified all small remaining issues.Would definitely use this company again.
    Johan S.
    03:35 11 Apr 20
    Larry Vaught Roofing did a great job with our roof repair. Good quality and did exactly what they said they would do.
    Bret C.
    03:50 11 Mar 20
    The owner and crew arrived the first day and immediately disbanded, each knowing his respective role, so they immediately struck me as very efficient. That proved very true when they finished our entire large roof in two days. They left the yard looking possibly better than before they started. It was a good value for the product and services and the final invoice was exactly the same as the proposal.
    Margaret A.
    22:23 04 Mar 20
    Larry L. Vaught Roofing was a great company to work with. Chris Morgan was very informative of my gutter options and clearly explained the whole process. Chris is easy to work with and was always prompt, responsive and happy to answer all my questions. I was getting my house painted by another company at the same time. When it came time to install the guttering, the painting was not completed. Mike Vaught when out of his way to reschedule the gutter install until the painting was completed. His team was professional and did an excellent job from start to finish. I would recommend them to anyone.
    Karen W.
    20:56 27 Feb 20
    We recently had an opportunity to work with the team from Larry Vaught Roofing. While no one ever wants to have to replace their roof, the team at Larry Vaught made it a great customer experience for us. From the initial consultation all the way to the finished roof they were great! We knew that at some point in the process they might run into issues from the previous roofing company and they did. They took their time to show us the damage that was caused, explained all of the options to us to fix it, and worked with us on pricing to replace it. They were always very professional, responsive, and made sure the job sight was clean every day. On the last day of the job we were having a party at our house and they came early enough in the morning to make sure everything was done by lunchtime so they would not impact the party. As I mentioned previously, it was a great customer experience and if I ever need another new roof, I am definitely using Larry Vaught Roofing!
    Tracy A.
    12:17 20 Feb 20
    In 2019, Vaught roofing did a reroof (tear off 2 layers of shingles and added new gutters for my home). The price was fair (compared to 2 others I interviewed) and I was very pleased with the quality of work. and clean up they provided. If you need roof work I recommend you give them a call.
    Mew W
    22:52 12 Feb 20
    Over the years I have had 2 complete roofs and several minor repairs that have all been outstanding. All the employees were mannerly, respectful and professional. I have never hesitated to provide a reference to others needing roofing services.
    Virginia M.
    18:03 04 Feb 20
    In the last two years(2018 and 2019), I have had the opportunity to work with Larry Vaught Roofing twice. In 2018, I needed a new roof put on a house in Raymore, MO. L.....arry Vaught responded quickly, listened carefully to what I wanted and gave me an excellent bid. Unfortunately (due to a very tight time frame), I went with another roofing company.The next year (2019), I wanted to have my roof replaced on my own house in Blue Springs and again called Larry Vaught for an estimate. Again they responded quickly, listened to what I wanted, made a few suggestions and we had a deal. After a wait for materials, a large crew showed up and did a wonderful job of getting a new roof put on with all the bells and whistles that I wanted. And it was done in one day!!An excellent job from start to finish. Highly competent people who know the roofing business and get it done.
    Bob G.
    21:29 29 Jan 20
    Thank you for a job well done! We are extremely satisfied with workmanship and communications that took place before, during and after our roof replacement. Work was completed professional and on-time as promised.
    Ted J.
    18:22 29 Jan 20
    We had a great experience with getting our new roof installed through Vaught. I would recommend them to anyone and highly appreciate the quality of work that they performed on our home.
    Sam H.
    05:05 29 Jan 20
    I was very pleased with my experience with Larry Vaught Roofing. Professional and timely responses throughout the process. Quality of work, finished in the agreed time frame, and cleanliness around our home was all excellent.
    Ryan S.
    22:52 28 Jan 20
    They worked really hard to get us a quality roof at the best value. They have an outstanding warranty. They also kept in constant contact at the status of progress in getting the roof put on.
    Holly R.
    02:51 27 Jan 20
    A few years ago, Vaught Roofing fixed our roof leak. This year we needed a new roof so we contacted Larry's company again because they did a great job last time. The staff is always friendly, professional, and the roofing team was on time and did a good job cleaning up.
    Stephanie B.
    18:36 26 Jan 20
    Larry Vaught Roofing is the ONLY roofing company we have used since 1993. Through four homes including a new home build, Larry Vaught Roofing has provided exceptional service and products. They always go above and beyond!
    Mike and Rita S.
    16:49 26 Jan 20
    Chris came out to do my estimate and was very friendly & knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions, didn't pressure me into making a decision right away and made sure I had all of the information that I needed to make my decision. They came out and my roof was done in a day. I then received follow up communication making sure I was satisfied with the work.
    Mona P.
    20:35 24 Jan 20
    We had used Larry Vaught Roofing, twice for smaller jobs in the past, and they were great. When we needed a new roof it was easily our first choice. The service was professional and worry-free. We will always call Larry Vaught, and proud to support a true local business! Thank you for making our house a home!
    Seth G.
    04:27 24 Jan 20
    We couldn’t be more appreciative of all of the work, communication and effort put in to the purchase of our new roof and guttering by Larry Vaught Roofing. In the beginning, we met Chris in our home to discuss the details, colors etc. Chris was well informed, courteous and on time! Later, we had dealings with Mike (at the office) and Tucker. All were very knowledgeable and easy to work with (insurance etc)making this process very painless. Our experiences were so positive that we recommend them to our neighbor (who was also pleased) and my Mother as well. If you are needing a new roof, gutters etc. you will not be disappointed with Larry Vaught Roofing
    Richard H.
    04:34 23 Jan 20
    Larry Vaught roofing did an excellent job replacing my wind damaged roof. They worked with my insurance and did excellent work with great clean up after the job.
    David C.
    01:59 23 Jan 20
    Excellent work from start to finish. Handled all communications with insurance company and promptly notified me of all developments. Would highly recommend this local company for all roofing and guttering needs.
    David G.
    21:41 21 Jan 20
    Great Team, fast work, the roof was done in a day, with little to no inconvenience. The sales team was friendly and responsive, and they even talked me into a cheaper shingle, and said "they all carry the same warranty, this is the one I would put on my house." 0% financing was great as well.
    Andy T.
    23:15 18 Jan 20
    Vaught told us it would take a day & a half to re-roof our home. They had to remove the old tar shingles and the original wood shingles below that. They arrived at exactly 7 AM on a Saturday. By 7PM they had completed the entire job and every thing was cleaned up. We could not be happier!
    Jim M.
    21:53 15 Jan 20
    These guys did my roof when we built our house over 20 years ago . I was glad to know they were still in business when we were in the market for a new roof! They’re quality of service hasn’t changed! They still live up to their reputation after all these years! Chris Morgan was so easy to work with. He knows his stuff and seems very genuine with his customers. I highly recommend this crew.Lisa Jones ,Very satisfied customer
    Lisa J.
    23:01 14 Jan 20
    I was very impressed with Larry Vaught Roofingfrom the beginning with Dan, when he came to solve my attic ventilation problem and gave me an estimate. Chris, salesperson, came to my house and went over the proposal in detail after explaining everything to my son over the phone and answering all his questions. He was very knowledgeable and professional. Robert, Travis and Russ came to my house and they did an excellent job repairing my roof. They are very skilled, hard working and high quality workmanship. I highly recommend Vaught Roofing for any roof repair work.
    Joanne S.
    15:21 14 Jan 20
    Very professional, new roof looks good. Crew was patient, all willing to answer my multiple of questions over the 4-5 days they worked. Would use them again.
    Doug R.
    23:13 07 Jan 20
    This is the best and most honest contractor we have ever dealt with. We replaced our roof due to wind damage. The appointment was fast and easy. The sales person, Chris, was polite and helpful. The installation was super fast. They had everything done in a day and left our place very clean. The owner, Mike, helped us get more pay from our insurance. He even came on his own time on Saturday to remeasured our roof again as our insurance didn't measure correctly. We highly recommend this company.
    vitida S.
    16:33 08 Dec 19
    Fast and efficient
    Xenita W.
    11:17 24 Oct 19
    Fast clean professional and reasonable
    Tony C.
    15:46 15 Aug 19
    Had these guys come out this spring to fix some flashing around my chimney. Really good experience. Appreciated the communication on their timelines as they kept moving due to all the rain this spring.
    James D.
    21:10 03 Jul 19
    My father Paul Blum used Larry L. Vaught Roofing and he said that they were courteous, respectful and did a very clean tidy job. He would highly recommend them to anyone!
    Mike B.
    18:50 20 Jun 19
    Larry Vaught Roofing did a great job for me. I chose their company after watching my neighbors home get a new roof put on by them. The crew was outstanding and cleaned up afterwards, including nail removal from the lawn.
    Janet B.
    14:37 03 Jun 19
    I must say, Larry L. Vaught Roofing did an amazing job. From start to finish it was a pleasure working with them. Chris was very friendly and knowledgable when he came out for the quote and the roofers themselves were great too. They got the job done in one day and the clean up was impeccable. The payment process was a breeze - their office is located in Grandview, Mo and the ladies there were easy to deal with. Vaught Roofing does not require payment up front; only after the job is done. So you know you are dealing with a legitimate roofing business. The roof looks amazing and would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing a new roof. We even were able to grab a rebate through roofs for troops. A+!
    Joseph P.
    19:14 10 May 19
    We are very pleased with our new roof from Larry Vaught Roofing .They had done our original roof and have always provided great service. When we needed a new roof due to storm damage, we knew immediately who to call.
    Rhonda M.
    21:18 14 Apr 19
    I am very happy with Larry Vaught Roofing (very reasonable estimate, prompt and quality work), highly recommended.
    Josh P.
    17:17 08 Apr 19
    Larry Vaught Roofing worked with us to design a roof venting system and installed it on our house. Everyone that I spoke to in the company, from the sales coordinator, estimator, project manager, roofers, and owners were congenial , knowledgeable, and professional. Although the work scheduled for our home kept getting pushed back due to extremely wet weather, our project manager reached out to me by phone multiple times to keep me in the loop, which was much appreciated. The work was performed as described and on budget and our roofers arrived right on time and left a clean jobsite behind them.
    Andrew M.
    14:28 06 Apr 19
    We are very pleased with the work Larry Vaught Roofing did for our house. The crew was very professional, courteous, prompt, and cleaned up thoroughly each day.
    Pam R.
    17:50 26 Feb 19
    Being new to the area and not knowing anyone who could pass along a recommendation, I stumbled upon Vaught roofing and glad I did. We needed to have an estimate done on the roof and the gentleman Dan (I believe – it’s been a couple weeks since the visit - sorry) was very honest and helpful in letting us know what was needing to be done. We didn’t feel pressured with upsells or anything. Even though nothing was immediate, it was a great overall experience and we’ll certainly use them for upcoming repairs! Nice to know who I’ll use in the future.
    Nathan G.
    13:55 26 Feb 19
    My roof installation in summer of 2018 was fantastic! Thank you Larry Vaught Roofing!
    Charlie S.
    19:37 24 Jan 19
    The roof looks great. Sales, installation, follow-up are all top notch.
    Norm W.
    20:47 14 Jan 19
    Great place, great people, great friends
    Mike S.
    14:10 02 Jan 19
    I am a picky person with a lot of questions in which all were answered . There was good communication throughout and we were pleased with the work performed ! I would recommend them for your roofing needs !
    Shane W.
    00:52 02 Jan 19
    Vaught roofing is the most professional roofing contractor you can find in the Kansas City area. My past experience with a new roof on my home only lasted 12 years due to a inferior roof install by a different contractor. My last company thought it was not necessary to nail the sheeting down.This time was way different with Vaught roofing.Trust me, these guys know what they are doing from start to finish.Workmanship and final details made the difference. I now have a new roof that looks great with all new gutters that I won't have to worry about for a long long time.Thanks to the team at Vaught Roofing!!!!!
    B G.
    21:46 07 Dec 18
    I am thrilled with the service and quality of work by Vaught Roofing. They worked with my insurance company, and charged what the insurance company paid (minus my deductible). The cleanup was great! My patio looked better when they left than when they arrived. The people are experts at roofing and working with customers.
    Maggie S.
    11:53 10 Oct 18
    From our first contact with the salesperson from Vaught (Chris) to the final contact with the foreman of the job,(Jose) we had nothing but great experiences. Chris had been in the business for many years. He was knowledgeable and courteous. Our contact with the scheduler (Michael) was another pleasant experience. Very helpful. When the workers came to our house, they busted their rears to insure our roof was done properly. They cleaned up the grounds each day. I could not be more pleased and would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs a roof.
    Rodger L.
    00:33 07 Sep 18
    I would definitely recommend Larry L. Vaught Roofing. I experienced total professionalism, from meeting with Chris to discuss our roofing and guttering needs, to the daily communication I had with Cody, the foreman once the job started. I appreciated the service of every member of the crew. No matter who I spoke with, my questions were answered. At the end of each day, the job site was left clean and in good order. The roof and gutters look fantastic and with the new gutters, our basement stayed dry during the recent rains.
    Greg W.
    17:03 31 Aug 18
    I would like you to know I am very pleased with Larry L. Vaught roofing.. Their team and team forman answered all my questions the first day befor they began the replacement. They worked as a team and in two days they had it completed. It was a real pleasure to watch them work . Each man knew his job well. I would highly recommend this company to any one.
    Bobbie T.
    15:08 21 Aug 18
    We were very impressed with Vaught Roofing. From the very beginning they handled everything from the insurance issues to replacing our roof. They were there when they said they’d be and cleaned up after themselves. We are very pleased.
    Robyn M.
    03:35 14 Aug 18
    All the previous statements about quality of material, workmanship are things I totally agree on. The thing I as a flower nut and nit picky maintenance person want everyone to know is....not one flower stem was broken and zero trash was to be found. How many companies can you say that about?
    Linda N.
    20:47 11 Aug 18
    Professional Company. Good Service. Would hire them again. They showed-up when they said they would They had a project manager on site each day who was readily available if I had a question & the project manager checked-in with me each day. They did a thorough job & stayed very late one night to make sure everything was buttoned-up when a storm was coming. They picked-up nails off the ground around the house and they checked the driveway each day for nails. I had hired them several years ago for a repair job & was happy with that job so I hired them again for this entire roof job.
    Michelle W.
    20:20 06 Aug 18
    I am very pleased with my experience with Vaught Roofing, who provided me with a new roof and gutters. High quality materials. Excellent workmanship. Great follow-up, communication and interaction with all involved. I spent the most time with sales rep - Chris, whom I found to be very personable, knowledgeable and patient with all my questions. Bring on the rain !
    Bruce K.
    17:01 05 Jul 18
    I did a lot of research and interviewed 3 very good roofing companies before selecting Larry Vaught Roofing. Since they've been in business since 1967, I knew they'd be here to handle any problems I might have down the road. My new roof looks great and they did a very thorough cleanup. Highly recommended.
    Ed D.
    14:44 22 Jun 18
    We used Larry L. Vaught roofing after hail damage last summer. They did a great job, very professional and the roof looks great! More importantly it's still keeping us dry. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend this professional company.
    Elizabeth G.
    01:56 06 Jun 18
    A dependable, quality roofing contractor. We had a great experience; no complaints.
    Katrina R
    19:57 08 May 18
    Larry Vaught roofing is the best! They are honest, reliable, accountable and did a wonderful job at our home. Could not ask for better roofers!
    bill P.
    15:39 07 May 18
    Professional in every aspect. Every person I interacted with was knowledgeable, courteous and clear in their explanations. Communication was excellent at every phase. They worked with the insurance agency to make sure the job was done right. They did everything they said they would do and when a vent turbine stopped working weeks after the work was complete, they were prompt in replacing it. Highly recommended.
    Bob S.
    13:53 05 May 18

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