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After filing an insurance claim for a storm-damaged roof, many homeowners find themselves fussing over the idea of speaking with an insurance adjuster. It is critical to be as organized as possible as well as to remember every key detail your insurance adjuster will tell you over the phone or personally. This is to avoid dealing with unexpected problems, including denial of claims. To help you, consider these top tips on how to communicate properly with your adjuster.

Insurance Adjuster

1. Document your phone conversations. If a dispute breaks out down the road, proper documentation of conversations and agreements are your getaway. Jot down the date and time of every phone conversation related to the roofing damage and the claims process. Make sure to get the name of the representative you spoke with to avoid confusions in the future. It is also a good idea to summarize the conversation and send an email detailing the aspects of the discussion to the adjuster.

2. Always stay professional. Filing a claim after a devastating storm can be incredibly frustrating. With your roof, siding, windows and doors in ruins, you might think that your adjuster is being unreasonable. However, it is best to stay calm and level-headed. Be persistent, but never lose your composure. This may even help strengthen your case.

3. Relay information to the adjuster in a timely manner. When it comes to filing insurance claims, nothing beats being organized and proactive. If the insurance adjuster wants to receive an inventory of damaged items – which the company often does – do not delay getting this information to them.

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