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In order for rain gutters to perform well, they need to be free of leaves, twigs and debris buildup. It is no secret that gutter cleaning is one of the most hectic household tasks. If you intend to climb a six-foot ladder without proper clothing and gear, you are only setting yourself up for a disaster. Head off potentially life-threatening injuries by avoiding these several gutter cleaning mistakes.

Gutter Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not following proper ladder safety precautions: It is crucial to follow safety guidelines when climbing a tall ladder for gutter cleaning. Many homeowners do not realize that thousands of people have been sent to the emergency room because of slipping or falling off a ladder while observing exterior maintenance. Make sure the ladder does not have cracks or loose hardware and is in pristine condition. It is also advisable to have a family member secure the base of the ladder to avoid unwanted incidents.

2. Not wearing proper footwear: To clean gutters in an efficient manner, one should wear clean shoes with rubber soles, which are the top choice for footwear because they help prevent slip and fall accidents. Wearing flip flops or sandals are a big no-no since they offer the least support.

3. Not using the right cleaning tools: If you have opted to clean gutters on your own, do not forget to gather the proper tools intended for cleaning out gutters. Some tools that make gutter cleaning easier and quicker include vacuum attachments and rotary gutter cleaning systems.

4. Overreaching: Overreaching is another common culprit behind gutter cleaning-related accidents. Sure, ladders can be awkward to work with, and it can be tempting to extend your arm as far as possible to take off all the gunk sitting in your gutters in one go. However, this approach can throw you off balance and result in a dangerous tumble.

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