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Replacing a roof. Making minor repairs. Do more with your projects by replacing your customers’ old, worn-down skylights at the time of a new roof installation.

Save Time and Money

When you’re replacing a roof, you have to remove the shingles around the skylight, then re-flash and seal the window to the roof deck or curb. And even if you do a pristine job re-sealing, the skylight still gets jostled around while you’re working, making it more susceptible to leaks. Save yourself a second trip by replacing the whole skylight the first time around.

Replace Skylights during roof installation
Skylight windows on modern house roof top. Attic skylight windows on asphalt shingles roof.

Strongest Warranty

Larry Vaught Roofing recommends VELUX Skylights. VELUX is the only skylight company to implement 3 layers of protection in our product design, giving homeowners peace of mind against leaks. VELUX’s comprehensive, industry-first No Leak Warranty covers skylight and installation for 10 years. So, if they don’t have a VELUX skylight on your roof, go ahead and get an upgrade.

We also recommend Roof Warranties. Larry Vaught Roofing offers Kansas City homeowners the industry’s best roof warranties and gutter warranties. We guarantee our workmanship for 10 years.

Better Energy Efficiency

VELUX continually develops and tests their skylights to ensure they maintain our high standards of design. With Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass and advanced LoĒ³ coating, VELUX skylights provide the best balance of daylight and heat control, improving energy efficiency and providing a better overall experience compared to plastic bubble skylights.

Go Solar!

You can receive an opportunity of a solar federal tax credit when you replace your skylight! Go Solar by upgrading to a solar-powered skylight or add solar-powered blinds to any skylight, and you can file for a tax credit worth 26% of the total cost of product and installation. Go Solar and save on energy!

Bonus Reason

If you have a plastic skylight, it’s time to replace. VELUX’s laminated glass options provide a brighter, cleaner look compared to plastic skylights. VELUX’s Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass also reduces up to 50% more unwanted noise than their plastic counterparts.

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