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Beware of another Roofing Scam in the Kansas City area. If a storm causes damage to your home, beware of the contractor offering to perform all of the necessary repairs for whatever amount they can get your insurance company to agree to pay. These companies are often simply looking for a way to get their hands on your insurance funds without having to do much, if any work to earn it. Here’s one way they do it. The roofing scam is they will tell you they are an “insurance claims specialist” and if you will just sign the dotted line, authorizing them to deal directly with your insurance company, they will negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf and agree to perform the work for that negotiated amount. They make themselves sound good by telling you they can find lots of damage that might otherwise go un-detected. They claim they can get you a larger settlement amount than you would get on your own, and they might even claim to be a big super duper company that is able to perform all of the various types of repairs themselves, saving you from having to hire several contractors to get the same work completed. The big problem is, these contractors are often “NOT” really a professional outfit at all and if you decide you do not want their services, you may find that you have signed a contract granting them a hefty percentage of your total insured loss amount, even if you choose not to have them do any work. So, even though they may never perform any of the work needed to correct the storm damage to your home, you could potentially end up paying them 15% or more of your insurance settlement amount simply for having authorized them to “handle your claim.” So, please be very wary of someone who is all too eager to “handle your claim” for simply agreeing to sign the dotted line on their form.

Regardless of the reason for a Kansas City roof inspection, roof inspections are best performed “upon the roof” (not from the ground) by someone who has the training, knowledge, and experience to identify all relevant factors, including:

  • Normal weathering
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Storm related damage
  • Intentional (i.e. mechanical/hammer-caused) damage
  • Un-intentional (i.e. foot fall, tree limbs, rodents, etc) damage
  • Standard methods of installation
  • Compliance to local code requirements
  • Proper integration of roofing with siding
  • Proper ventilation
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