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Here are some tips to help guide you through the calm after the hail storm that damaged many homes in our area on April 3rd. #1 Do not call your insurance company & file a claim until you are confident you have significant damage. If you file a claim before you know whether or not you have damage and later find out your roof sustained little or no damage it could count against you (i.e. frequency of claims filed). #2 Don’t sign a contract with someone knocking on your door who offers to “handle your claim”, no matter how enticing their offer may be (i.e. offering to cover your deductible, etc.). There are too many reasons to explain, but consider Missouri is currently considering legislation to ban this type of activity so there are obviously some serious concerns. And, just think about it. When someone is willing to pay your deductible, do you think they are really going to provide you the same amount of goods and services as someone who is not incurring a thousand dollars or more in expenses (i.e. your deductible) to get your job? #3 Unless you have such severe damage that your roof is leaking, do not get in a big hurry to replace your roof! Most hail damaged roofs will not leak for several years. They just wear out a few years sooner than they would have, so choosing a contractor based simply according to who can start the job the quickest doesn’t really make good sense & can be very risky. #4 Insurance companies typically offer a fair settlement amount (i.e. enough funds are provided to hire a good contractor) so don’t choose a contractor based soley upon “price”. You are being provided a significant amount of funds so apply those funds wisely. You actually are being presented a wonderful opportunity to get the job done right! #5 You will find in most instances that when an insurance company’s loss amount is figured correctly, it is more than our quote. If insurance is offering less than our quote, in most instances we can negotiate a fair settlement amount so you can have the best roofing contractor in the Greater Kansas City Area, Larry L. Vaught Roofing, install the roof you really deserve! #6 Don’t choose a roofing company based upon the “wow” factor. Let me explain; You’ve undoubtedly eaten a lot of name brand pies that you find at virtually every store nationwide. The companies that make these pies really know how to “market” their product and as a result, sell a lot of “digestable” pies. But, I think you would agree these pies don’t compare to the home made pies you’ve looked forward to at the little family owned diners. You can consider roofing contractors in the same way. Larry L. Vaught Roofing isn’t one of those nationwide companies with bill boards & ads displayed everywhere you look, but we do “serve-up” a fair number of roofs each year that are every bit as special as the best home made pies you’ve ever had the opportunity to experience!

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