Laminated glass skylights are preferred.

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Skylights are typically available as laminated glass skylights or tempered glass skylights.  We recommend laminated glass skylights in all instances and they are even required per building code for certain out of reach applications.   The reason laminated glass skylights are preferred is because they provide a greater level of safety to persons and property beneath…. Read more »

Valley flashing installation, Do’s and Don’ts.

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Proper valley flashing installation isn’t difficult to achieve.  In fact, following a few basic installation procedures will typically achieve a reliable installation.  Even so, a high percentage of valley flashings are not installed properly because many Kansas City roofers don’t know the basics.  Or, these Kansas City roofers know how to do the job right,… Read more »

A reroof proposal can reveal much about the contractor submitting it.

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A reroof proposal (a.k.a. contract) can provide you with valuable insight about the contractor who prepared it. For example, you should assume a contractor is likely to perform poorly when they start off providing you a poor reroof proposal.  After all, it just makes sense to doubt a contractor’s abilities when their proposal is vague,… Read more »

Roofing installers wanted. Now hiring and offering top wages to Kansas City’s best roofing installers.

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Roofing installers wanted. Help wanted.  Larry Vaught Roofing is now hiring experienced roofing installers. Just about all roofing installers can fasten roofing materials to a roof deck.  However, few installers actually possess the knowledge and skills required to install materials “correctly”.  Especially where the roof adjoins siding, chimneys, skylights, valleys, etc. The simple facts are, a… Read more »

Replace roof flashings when your roof is replaced or risk leaks and interior damage.

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Always replace roof flashings when the roof is replaced.  Regrettably, many contractors “re-use” (i.e. do not replace) the metal roof flashings when they replace roofs.  Especially where the roof adjoins siding.  And, they often omit new roof flashings around skylights and chimneys. Granted, in many instances, significant additional effort is required to replace those flashings.  Especially… Read more »