Roofing Material Cost Increase of 5% to 10% Effective April 2, 2018

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Roofing distributors in Kansas City have recently notified us to expect 5% to 10% roofing material cost increases, effective April 2nd, 2018.  Since those increases will add significantly to the cost of roofing projects, consider getting your roofing projects contracted “before” those increases occur.  We may not be able to start your project before April… Read more »

Roof repairs performed by the experts at Larry Vaught Roofing

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We are your roof repair experts!  Larry L. Vaught Roofing, Inc. is the local, family owned roofing contractor that Kansas City area homeowners have counted on for 50 years to address all of their roofing needs.  We provide our own full time highly skilled staff to accurately identify faulty conditions, propose the proper repair, and… Read more »

International Residential Building Code

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Previous to the year 2000, each city codes administration had the option of choosing from several different Building Codes, written by different groups (i.e. UBC, BOCA, CABO, etc). And each of these Building Codes were periodically updated about every three years. This resulted in literally dozens of different Building Code standards being enforced, depending upon… Read more »

Record heat causes concern about attic ventilation

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Are you having issues with Attic Ventilation? Record high temperatures are making it extremely difficult for homeowners to keep their homes cool this summer. As a result, many are calling us for assistance in determining whether or not their attics are adequately ventilated. Providing adequate intake and exhaust ventilation for the home’s attic can help… Read more »

Drought & Economy may Work in your Favor for Roof Maintenance

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Are Roof Maintenance costs getting you down? Last year’s major hail storm spoiled roofers by providing them with bountiful business. But now business is back to normal, or actually “less” than normal, mostly due to the unusually dry conditions we are facing in the midwest. As a result, many asphalt shingle (a.k.a. composition shingle) distributors… Read more »