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Bathroom ceiling fans that vent directly into an attic will move an immense amount of moisture laden air from the home’s interior to the attic. This can result in serious consequences, especially during cold winter months. Excessive moisture in attics can reduce the effectiveness of the attic’s insulation, cause condensation to occur within the attic, […]

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Roof Power Vents are equipped with a thermostat which turns the vents on when attic temperatures reach around 100 degrees. However, when temperatures are less than 100 degrees ventilation of the attic is still quite necessary, especially during the cold winter months when warm moisture-laden air escapes from the living space into the attic. For […]

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Senate Bill 101 was recently signed in to law by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, being represented in part as legislation to protect “homeowners” from contractors who represent themselves as “insurance claims specialists”. What this bill actually does however is protect the insurance industry by making it more difficult and more costly for homeowners in Missouri […]

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What makes Vaught Roofing a Better Roofing Company? We are in fact a local, family owned business (2nd generation) that takes pride in its work and we will be there to stand behind our work. Larry Vaught went to Ruskin High School in the 50’s & his two son’s, Kevin & Mike Vaught went to […]

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