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You would be shocked to know how many roof repairs are completed poorly. In fact, shoddy roof repair is actually much more common than you might expect. In most instances it’s easy to identify a poor roof repair “if” you know what to look for. The problem is, even if you know what to look […]

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Municipalities are adopting new city ordinances to more strictly regulate the activities of contractors working within their communities. There may be good reason for implementing stricter regulations. However, new city ordinances will inevitably end up costing residents significantly more as contractors comply with those stricter regulations. In some instances, contractors may even choose not to […]

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Roofing distributors in Kansas City have recently notified us to expect 5% to 10% roofing material cost increases, effective April 2nd, 2018. Since those increases will add significantly to the cost of roofing projects, consider getting your roofing projects contracted “before” those increases occur. We may not be able to start your project before April […]

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