Composition shingle manufacturers announce significant cost increases

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Composition shingle manufacturers have announced price increases of 10% to 15% for their residential roofing products effective March 4th, 2013. They have also announced further increases of approximately 10% to be implemented in April 2013. This Vaught Roofing article is out of date. The original post is from 2013. Composition shingle manufacturers have raised prices… Read more »

Vaught Roofing QR Tags

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What are Vaught Roofing QR Tags? Most of the “younger generation” is familiar with QR tags, but in the event you are like me, you may not know what a QR tag is. A QR tag is an image that kind of looks like a bar code, but obviously different. You will find Vaught Roofing… Read more »

International Residential Building Code

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Previous to the year 2000, each city codes administration had the option of choosing from several different Building Codes, written by different groups (i.e. UBC, BOCA, CABO, etc). And each of these Building Codes were periodically updated about every three years. This resulted in literally dozens of different Building Code standards being enforced, depending upon… Read more »

Legislation Eliminates Free Service to Homeowners in Missouri

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Homeowners in Missouri have lost some protection for dealing with insurance claim specialits. MO Senate Bill 101 Effective August 28, 2011; Senate Bill 101 was recently signed in to law by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, being represented in part as legislation to protect “homeowners” from contractors who represent themselves as “insurance claims specialists”. What this… Read more »

Is your Insurance Settlement Amount Based on Equivalent Roofing Material?

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Make sure your Insurance Settlement Amount is based on equivalent roofing material. Virtually all composition shingle manufacturers offer 3 weights of laminated (a.k.a. “Timberline” type) shingles. Typically, the lightest weight laminated composition shingle offered weighs ~250 pounds per 100 square feet of roof area. The middle weight shingles weigh ~285 pounds & the heavy weight… Read more »

Roofing Proposal – Seeking Wise Consumers

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When you receive a Roofing Proposal please be wise. A few days ago my service representative shared a story with me that left me totally baffled. His story was about a homeowner whom he had recently presented our reroof proposal to. As is typical of all of our proposals, it was quite detailed & professionally… Read more »

GAF Increases Warranty Period for Shingles

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Effective January 1st, 2011 GAF increased the warranty period for shingles of their 30 year & 40-year warranted shingles to “lifetime” warranted shingles. Many other shingle manufacturer’s have since followed GAF’s lead & increased the warranty period for shingles at their companies as well. So, if you have a material labeled as being GAF 30… Read more »