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Are Roof Maintenance costs getting you down? Last year’s major hail storm spoiled roofers by providing them with bountiful business. But now business is back to normal, or actually “less” than normal, mostly due to the unusually dry conditions we are facing in the midwest. As a result, many asphalt shingle (a.k.a. composition shingle) distributors are feeling the slow down. So much so that some shingle distibutors are dropping their shingle prices. Therefore, with fall coming (and hopefully some much needed rain), now is a great time to purchase a new roof. It may not be raining now, but it is eventually going to and when it does there are going to be some leaky old roofs that need to be replaced. If your roof is one of them, why not take advantage of the currently lower costing materials and replace your roof “before” it starts raining & before shingle costs go back up? When you do replace your roof, be selective and choose the very best contractor for the job. See what Angie’s List members, the Better Business Bureau, and customer reviews at GAF are saying about Larry L. Vaught Roofing.

Don’t settle for Shoddy Roofing Contractors for Roof Maintenance

Bad roofing contractors can damage your home! Choose a professional, honest and experienced roofing contractor company. We strongly encourage you to compare contractors by visiting their jobs in progress. It is absolutely the best way to discover first hand how contractor’s actually operate. We will gladly provide you with the addresses of our jobs in progress upon request.

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