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The next time you replace your roof DO NOT settle for a standard shingle manufacturer warranty. Why? Because a standard shingle manufacturer’s limited warranty typically only provides 100% non-prorated coverage of materials and installation labor for the first ten years. The cost to tear off and dispose of materials is not covered at all. And, after 10 years these warranties typically then only provide coverage for the shingles, on a pro-rated basis. There is no longer any coverage for labor to install the new shingles. So, after 10 years, the standard shingle manufacturer warranty will provide only a very small percentage of the total cost to replace the roof should the shingles fail due to manufacturing defect. And after 10 years the amount of coverage decreases (i.e. is prorated) as the roof gets older and more likely to fail.

By comparison, Larry L. Vaught Roofing typically provides its customers with the GAF System Plus Lifetime Limited Warranty. This warranty provides 100% coverage of materials, labor, and tear off costs on a non-prorated basis for 50 years!

In dollar terms, if a $10,000 roof system fails in year 25 due to a defect we estimate you may receive around $2,000.00 when you have a standard shingle manufacturer warranty. In comparison, we estimate you would receive around $20,000.00 in year 25 when your roof system is covered by the GAF System Plus warranty. That’s $18,000 more than you would receive when you only have a standard warranty. And, as the years go by the difference becomes even greater.

So, when it’s time to replace your roof, be sure to compare warranties being offered. Otherwise you could be making a very costly mistake. And, be mindful of the fact that the best GAF warranties (i.e. GAF System Plus, Silver Pledge, and Golden Pledge warranties) are only available through GAF Factory Certified contractors. Larry L. Vaught Roofing, Inc. is one of only 3% of contractors nationwide to be honored as a GAF Master Elite Factory Certified Roofing Contractor (the highest level of certification bestowed by GAF). As such, we are able to offer all 3 levels of extended warranty protection.

Choosing the Best Shingle Manufacturer Warranty

Now that you are aware that there are significant differences in the dollar amounts of coverage being provided by various warranties, don’t make the mistake of choosing a roofing contractor based solely upon price. Saving a few hundred dollars today (choosing a cheaper bid) could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in a few years if that cheaper bid only provides you the shingle manufacturer’s standard warranty. The chart below helps illustrate the differences in warranty coverages:


This chart is intended for illustrative purposes only using an assumed annual inflation rate of 3% and is based upon variable costs of labor. Actual warranty settlements are determined exclusively by the GAF Warranty Services Department on a case-by-case basis.

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