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When is it a Good time to ReRoof in the Kansas City area? Just like clock work every year, Kansas City roofing contractors are busiest just before spring & winter because many homeowners decide to replace their roofs before the potentially severe weather of spring and winter arrives. It’s not a bad idea, but with so many folks thinking the same thing at the same time, Kansas City roofing contractors are busiest at those times of the year & their prices typically reflect it. With that in mind, Kansas City’s premier roofing contractor / Larry Vaught Roofing suggests you strongly consider completing your reroofing project during the “off season” (i.e. December through February) when prices are typically at their lowest! Plus, think about your yard. Would you rather have several thousand pounds of roofing material removed from your property during the winter (when the yard is dormant) or in the spring, when the yard is starting to look pretty again & the flowers are just starting to bloom? I’m confident your yard would vote to have the roof replaced during the “off season”. If you agree, give Larry Vaught Roofing a call now because, as Kansas City’s premier roofing contractor, we are in demand and are currently booked up for the next several weeks. Which means it won’t be much longer before we are scheduling work to begin next spring (i.e. our busy season). So, if you want to take advantage of winter pricing and have your reroof completed before the flowers start blooming this coming spring, better call soon. 816 761-9859, Larry L. Vaught Roofing.

Don’t Cut Corners with your ReRoof Project

When you decide it is a good time to ReRoof make sure you do not cut corners with your roofing contractor. The few examples of “cutting corners” just mentioned are not only common place, but often result in roof leakage. Regrettably, many homeowners simply don’t realize the level of craftsmanship & specific materials actually required to provide a “good” roof installation. Be careful when choosing your roofing companies Kansas City.

The simple facts are that just about anyone can fasten roofing materials to a roof deck, but few actually have the expertise to furnish the appropriate materials and install them “correctly”, especially where the roof adjoins siding, chimneys, skylights, vent pipes, roof vents, valleys, etc. And, regrettably a high percentage of those paid to install roofing materials these days fall into that category!

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