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Ice Damming is a big issue in the Kansas City area. Kansas City received approximately 9″ of snow this past Thursday 2/21/2013 and is forecast to receive another 8″ to 12″ of snow this coming Tuesday 2/26/2013. After Tuesday’s heavy snow storm, temperatures are expected to remain below freezing for the next several days. So, all that snow is most likely going to stay on roofs for quite awhile. The longer snow stays on roofs, the longer it will melt and re-freeze along the bottoms of the roof. The longer this melting & freezing cycle continues, the more likely ice dams are to develop. And, eventually ice dams may become big enough to cause leakage. If your roof does not have an ice barrier underlayment installed along the eaves and you notice ice building up significantly along your roof eaves, you may have reason for concern. Regrettably, the only immediate solution to an existing ice dam is removal of the ice dam and that is not typically an easy task. Some methods of removing ice dams from roof eaves include ice melt, heat tape, and / or physically breaking away the ice. Of course, with ice on the roof, any procedure can be hazardous to perform, so extra care should be taken to avoid injury to the person performing the work as well as the roof. We’ve been helping homeowners resolve their ice damming issues for over 45 years now and are willing to offer our services at your request. We actually hope you are able to avoid any ice damming issues, but want you to be aware of the potential for ice damming that currently exists and wish you to know we are available should you need assistance.

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