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Previous to the year 2000, each city codes administration had the option of choosing from several different Building Codes, written by different groups (i.e. UBC, BOCA, CABO, etc). And each of these Building Codes were periodically updated about every three years. This resulted in literally dozens of different Building Code standards being enforced, depending upon which Code Book & which edition of the Code that each individual city chose to adopt. As you can imagine, contractors found it extremely difficult to keep up with each individual city’s particular Building Code requirements. Therefore, in order to provide one national building code standard, in the year 2000 all of the various Building Codes were combined into one new Code Book, known as the International Residential Code (a.k.a. IRC). It took a few years after the IRC was first published for cities to trade-in their old Building Code for an edition of the IRC, but virtually every city codes administration has now adopted an edition of the International Residential Code. Contractors still have to be aware of which edition of the IRC a city may be enforcing, but at least there is now only one national Code Book to be followed. Even so, you would be amazed to discover how little many roofing contractors know about Chapter 9 of the IRC (i.e. the chapter concerning “Roof Assemblies”). Not only does Larry Vaught Roofing have a thorough knowledge of and comply with this chapter of the Code Book, but we periodically contact approximately 40 of the local city codes administrations to request their most current roofing code requirements. You will find that, as Kansas City’s premier roofing contractor, Larry Vaught Roofing takes an active role to remain well informed of the key issues concerning our trade. And, with the knowledge gained during our 45+ years in business, our customer’s roofs are installed with a level of craftsmanship that vastly exceeds the industry standard. So, if you are considering replacing your roof, now is a great time to get on schedule. You’ll not only get a great roof installation, but you’ll get it at our winter pricing rates too! So, act soon.

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