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Kansas City roofing companies are not all the same. In fact, contractors who are quoting jobs for less typically are not providing the same quality of materials and / or workmanship. However, these “low ball” contractors can fool you into thinking you are going to receive a great job. Especially when they agree to “throw in” synthetic underlayment, ice barrier along eaves, vent ridge, etc., etc. Better yet, these contractors typically can start the job immediately and they are cheaper than everyone else. What a deal!

In reality, these Kansas City roofing contractors cut many corners, resulting in extremely poor roof installations. To follow are just a few of the more serious faults we commonly discover:

  • The drip edge flashing is installed “on top of” the underlayment (supposed to be installed “beneath” the underlayment along eaves).
  • There are holes & tears observed in the underlayment.
  • A double starter course is not installed, although it is required for the certain type of shingle installed.
  • The ridge vent is coming loose because it is fastened with nails that are too short.
  • Roof decking is badly buckled because it is not fastened properly.
  • The flashings were not replaced where the roof adjoins siding.
  • Although required per building code, a sheet metal saddle is not installed behind the chimney.
  • Flashings do not kick out to properly divert water to the exterior of the siding.
  • The old rusty sheet metal pan (critical area of the roof) has not been replaced.
  • New metal valley flashing does not meet the minimum width required to meet building code and does not extend completely to the bottom of the roof, etc., etc.

The cost to repair roofs with faults of this magnitude often exceed $4,000, and possibly much more. So, spending a little more to have Larry Vaught Roofing replace your roof “properly” is undoubtedly your best choice.

Moral of the story; don’t be fooled into thinking you will get more for less. A roof system composed of the best products available will not perform well if installed poorly. And, all too often that’s exactly what happens. Virtually every day we submit proposals to homeowners, often amounting to several thousands of dollars, to repair faulty roof installations. It’s not “the exception”, it’s the “rule”. Don’t let this happen to you. Choose Larry L. Vaught Roofing & your roof is guaranteed to meet or exceed all industry standards of installation.

Kansas City Roofing Companies
provide shoddy roof installation

Kansas City Roofing Companies are not all the same:

Larry L. Vaught Roofing has been serving the Kansas City area since 1967. We are an award winning Kansas City Roofing Contractor. Our emphasis is upon providing customers with a level of service and roof installation that far surpasses the industry standard. We achieve this objective by performing services with our own highly trained staff, using the best materials, and providing the best warranties. You will find we are your best “value”. Our services include:

  • Entire roof installation / replacement
  • General maintenance, roof repair, and leak repair
  • Roof inspection
  • Gutter services

We offer you courteous, professional, and competitive residential roofing services.

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