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Larry Vaught Roofing

Larry Vaught Roofing recently completed replacement of the roof on a local landmark.  Suburban Lawn and Garden in Martin City, sometimes referred to as The Barn Store (due to the two eye catching red roof barns on their premises) recently employed the craftsmen of Larry Vaught Roofing to replace the roof on their east barn.  The steep slopes required extra attention, but with the proper equipment and know-how, the job was completed promptly and professionally. The roofing project has been completed and the new roof installed.  Here are some roof installation pictures:

Larry Vaught Roofing is proud to have been entrusted with the task of replacing the east barn roof at Suburban Lawn and Garden in Martin City, Missouri.  We will gain a sense of accomplishment as the roof undoubtedly weathers storms for many years to come. Next time you visit Suburban Lawn and Garden you will see the new roof installed.