Thank you for visiting our Roofing photo gallery! Below are some images in our Vaught Roofing photo gallery. When you have been in business in Kansas City since 1967 you have a lot of images to share.  Scroll down and click the thumbnail images to see them larger. You may have seen our trucks around the Kansas City area.  Vaught Roofing has been installing and repairing roofs in KC for over 52 years! Below is a picture of the founder of the company Larry Vaught with his two sons.  Larry founded the company in 1967. There are also some pictures of some roofing jobs, employees, roofers, shingles and our headquarters in Grandview, Missouri.  You might also be interested in our videos page. We have some funny videos and commercials over the years.
Vaught Roofing Photo Gallery: vaught gallery 1
Vaught Roofing Photo Gallery: vaught gallery 2
Larry Vaught and his sons
Roofer on a roof
Nice looking new roof on house
new roof on new house
Vaught Roofing Truck
Very unique roof
Vaught Roofing Headquarters and trucks
Several roofers on a roof project
Close up of a quality roof project
Roofers on a roof roofing
New roof installed on a church
New roof on a brick house
Installing shingles on a roof
Commercial roofing project
Close up of a roofer
Roofing project with insulation
Team photo
Grand sequoia roof
crew on roof 2
Vaught Roofing Truck photo
new roof pic
New roof shown with truck
GAF deck armor photo
Warehouse pic
commercial roof project photo
Roofers working on a house
Old school roofing pic
Scrolled eave roof 725
Completed roof project
Camelot roof example
Grand Slate Roof
New roof
Great new roof shown
Vaught Roofing pic from a trade show
Vaught Roofing Photo Gallery: MV RV PICTURES 692
Vaught Roofing Trucks with logos
Vaught Roofing Photo Gallery: Scrolled eave roof 700
Vaught Roofing Photo Gallery: 5-16-13-003
Vaught Roofing Photo Gallery: Sequoia 3
Vaught Roofing Photo Gallery: Grand Slate 1
Vaught Roofing Photo Gallery: Yellow dump truck 02
Vaught Roofing Photo Gallery: Yellow dump truck 01

Thank you for visiting our roofing photo gallery project photo page! We are very proud of the roofing work that we do. Vaught Roofing offers Kansas City homeowners the industry’s best roof warranties and gutter warranties. We guarantee our workmanship for 8 years. You’ll find 5 years to be standard among most contractors nationwide. Yet it really doesn’t matter how long a contractor warrants their roofs if they change their name, change ownership, go out of business or just refuse to take care of their problems. We often find that homeowners end up paying for repairs that should have been covered by a roofing contractors warranty / guarantee. This doesn’t happen to our customers! We’ve been taking good care of our customers since 1967 and make it a priority to see that our warranty work is performed promptly and professionally.

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