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Since many homeowners do not have a clear understanding as to how a disputed roof damage claim is handled per the terms of a standard Home Owner’s Insurance policy, to follow is a general explanation of the process. Let’s imagine you are advised by a qualified roof inspector that your roof has sustained significant storm related roof damage so you file a claim with your insurance company. An adjustor is sent to look at your roof, but they determine the roof has little or no damage. What should you do next? Well, you can choose to no longer pursue the claim or you can dispute the insurance company’s decision. If you wish to dispute their determination, you would typically contact the insurance company’s claim center and request a “re-inspection.” Through re-inspection, the insurance company’s adjustor will typically contact you to see who you would like them to meet with at the time of re-inspection. You would probably choose a roofer you trust and believe qualified to best represent you at the time of re-inspection, but the choice is totally yours. The intended purpose of a re-inspection is to provide both parties the opportunity to assess the condition of the roof “together” in hopes that an agreement as to the extent of damage can be arrived at. “If” both parties are Haag Certified Roof Inspectors, we believe you will stand a much better chance of the dispute being resolved at that time. However, if re-inspection is not performed strictly according to criteria established by Haag Engineering, the likelihood of an accurate assessment is much less likely to occur and the ability of the parties to reach an agreement is therefore much less likely. In the event a re-inspection does not result in an offered claim settlement amount to your satisfaction, the next step is to inform your insurance company that you wish to proceed according to the terms of your policy to resolve the dispute. This step is typically referred to as arbitration (a.k.a. appraisal). Through arbitration, you and your insurance company are to select your respective representatives. Those representatives are then basically charged with the responsibility of choosing an umpire acceptable to both parties and providing the umpire with supporting evidence of their position. The umpire will then normally inspect the roof personally before then rendering a binding and final determination of the loss amount. Granted, the procedures to resolve a disputed claim will vary from policy to policy and those noted above are simply a generalized explanation of the process, but we hope you find the explanation helpful. In conclusion, when you 1st decide to dispute a claim, we strongly advise that you do all you can to assure “BOTH” parties (your representative and the insurance company’s representative) agree to: Re-inspect the roof at the same time and according to criteria established by Haag Engineering, which is best achieved only if BOTH parties are Haag Certified Roof Inspectors. There are a lot of competant roofers and adjustors who we find do a great job of accurately and honestly assessing storm related roof damage. However, we also all too often encounter roofers that indicate a roof should be replaced when there is actually “NO” damage and have encountered insurance adjustors who would not get on the roof, even during a re-inspection! There are valid reasons for differing opinions, but those differences are likely to be far less when the representatives involved in assessing the damage are qualified and willing to perform an assessment of the damage according to criteria established by Haag Engineering. And “YES” Larry L. Vaught Roofing does have Haag Certified Roof Inspectors on staff.

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