Vaught Roofing Company services the entire Kansas City area in Both Kansas and Missouri. That includes Roof Repair Claycomo Missouri. We are proud of the work we do in Claycomo, Missouri. Vaught Roofing is the local, family owned business that Kansas City homeowners have counted on for over 50 years!

Just like the roofs we install, the repairs performed by the roof technicians at Larry L. Vaught Roofing are completed without cutting corners. We provide the proper materials, installed per the proper methods of installation, with an exceptional level of craftsmanship. If metal flashings are at fault, we propose to replace the metal flashings correctly. We won’t routinely propose to apply some “cure all” super duper roof sealant to the problem area, whereas many other less quality minded contractors probably would.

Roof Repair Claycomo, Missouri Warranties

Vaught Roofing offers Claycomo homeowners the industry’s best roof warranties and gutter warranties. We guarantee our workmanship for 10 years. You’ll find 5 years to be standard among most contractors nationwide. Yet it really doesn’t matter how long a contractor warrants their roofs if they change their name, change ownership, go out of business or just refuse to take care of their problems. We often find that homeowners end up paying for repairs that should have been covered by a roofing contractors warranty / guarantee. This doesn’t happen to our customers! We’ve been taking good care of our customers since 1967 and make it a priority to see that our warranty work is performed promptly and professionally.

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