Leavenworth Kansas Roof inspections are performed for various reasons, but the most frequent reasons for roof inspections include:

  • To assess the extent of storm related roof damage
  • To assess quality of workmanship
  • To assess condition of materials
  • To determine the probable estimated life expectancy of the roof
  • To provide recommended general maintenance
  • To determine the cause of leakage

Do you need a Professional Leavenworth, Kansas Roof Inspection?

If you suspect your roof has sustained storm damage, here are some key issues to be aware of:

  • Unless you are 100% confident that your property has suffered extensive storm related roof damage, we advise having the extent of damage assessed by an honest, qualified, “local” roofing contractor BEFORE you file a claim with your insurance company.
  • As you might expect, your home owner’s insurance premiums are affected by the total dollar amount of insurable losses you have been reimbursed for over the years. But, your premiums may also be affected by the “frequency” of claims filed. So, if you file a claim, and no damage is found (i.e. you are not paid a dime for the claim), your premiums may still be negatively impacted simply for having filed the claim! So, it’s best not to file a claim until you have good reason to file claim.
  • Roofers frequently inform homeowners that there is significant storm related roof damage when there actually is not any significant damage.

Vaught Roofing will provide honest and professional Leavenworth Kansas Roof Inspections. Our experienced estimators can examine your roof and provide the inspection. We can explain the inspection and help you understand it. Roof inspections are best completed upon the roof. If you receive an estimate from a contractor who does not get on the roof then that is not a professional roof inspection. Vaught Roofing has the training, knowledge, and experience to identify all relevant factors.

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