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Due to Covid restrictions and government mandates, cost of roof materials have been raising by ~15% every month for the past 15 months. Manufactures and supply companies cite increased operating costs, transportation costs and raw material costs as reasons for the increases.  The running jokes on social media such as “I have 10 sheets of O.S.B. sheathing, willing to trade for a Lamborghini Countach” are a slight exaggeration, but the message is clear, rampant price increase have inflated the cost of roof materials to unseen before prices.  We are expecting to see price increases on roof materials for the foreseeable future, continuing to effect the cost of roof replacement and construction in general.  

There is, however, no shortage on roofing materials.   Shingle manufactures are still producing their most commonly installed architectural shingles and products.  But, they have slowed or halted their production on their less commonly installed products, such as their unique designer shingles.   

We are able to meet any demand for roof replacement or roof repairs.  Whether it be a roof replacement with architectural Roofing Shingles, or a unique designer shingle type due to our stocked 10,000 square foot warehouse with a verity of shingle types and colors.  We also maintain a great reputation with wholesalers and supply warehouses who have worked tirelessly to keep up with today’s roofing material demands.

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