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Larry Vaught Roofing continues to remain open for business through the recently enacted “stay at home” order. Per this order, businesses that provide critical services to maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operation of residences, Essential Activities, and Essential Businesses and Operations may continue to provide services. The order specifically notes that plumbers, electricians and […]

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Check on your Roof this Spring with these Spring Roof Maintenance Tips When your roof has endured a long harsh winter you really should schedule to have us check and see if any roof maintenance is needed. After all; snow, ice, and cold temperatures can be especially destructive to roofing materials. And if a harsh […]

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Consumer Alert for those of you with Roof Damage insurance claims. Insurance companies are adopting a method of operations in utilizing Managed Repair Programs for property claims. This practice is a major conflict of interest and harmful to consumers. Insurance carriers have adopted managed repair programs, utilizing contractors. The programs violate state laws for the […]

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The next time you replace your roof DO NOT settle for a standard shingle manufacturer warranty. Why? Because a standard shingle manufacturer’s limited warranty typically only provides 100% non-prorated coverage of materials and installation labor for the first ten years. The cost to tear off and dispose of materials is not covered at all. And, […]

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You would be shocked to know how many roof repairs are completed poorly. In fact, shoddy roof repair is actually much more common than you might expect. In most instances it’s easy to identify a poor roof repair “if” you know what to look for. The problem is, even if you know what to look […]

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When damage occurs to your roof, it can seem overwhelming to know where to start in terms of paying for the fix. Fortunately, roof repair can be affordable when you know the options available to you. As a homeowner, there are many responsibilities you have in maintaining the look and safety of your house. A […]

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Larry Vaught Roofing recently completed replacement of the roof on a local landmark. Suburban Lawn and Garden in Martin City, sometimes referred to as The Barn Store (due to the two eye catching red roof barns on their premises) recently employed the craftsmen of Larry Vaught Roofing to replace the roof on their east barn. The steep […]

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Skylights are typically available as laminated glass skylights or tempered glass skylights. Roofing Kansas City company Vaught Roofing recommends laminated glass skylights in all instances and they are even required per building code for certain out of reach applications. The reason laminated glass skylights are preferred is because they provide a greater level of safety […]

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Municipalities are adopting new city ordinances to more strictly regulate the activities of contractors working within their communities. There may be good reason for implementing stricter regulations. However, new city ordinances will inevitably end up costing residents significantly more as contractors comply with those stricter regulations. In some instances, contractors may even choose not to […]

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Roofing distributors in Kansas City have recently notified us to expect 5% to 10% roofing material cost increases, effective April 2nd, 2018. Since those increases will add significantly to the cost of roofing projects, consider getting your roofing projects contracted “before” those increases occur. We may not be able to start your project before April […]

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