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Asphalt shingle costs are getting more expensive. Composition shingle manufacturers have announced some pretty hefty price increases that are expected to total between 12% & 20% over the next 45 days. Therefore, if you will be needing a roof anytime soon, I would encourage you to act now. Otherwise you are bound to pay more for your new roof as these material cost increases are implemented. I expect most contractors are passing on these cost increases as they occur. But, here at Larry Vaught Roofing we maintain large inventories of lower cost materials at our warehouse which allows us to quote your roof (while supplies last) based upon our lower cost inventories. So, purchase your reroof from Vaught Roofing before our lower cost inventories run out and you’ll save yourself some money!

Roof Warranties

With the cost of roofing materials going up with inflation it is really important to have a quality roof warranty.  Vaught Roofing offers Kansas City homeowners the industry’s best roof warranties.

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It is not advisable to install more than one type of roof exhaust vent upon a roof. The reason is simply due to the fact that various types of roof exhaust vents provide varying amounts of exhaust ventilation. So, when more than one type of vent is installed on a roof, if one type of vent provides greater exhaust ventilation than another type of vent, in certain conditions the vent providing the most exhaust can cause air to be drawn into the attic through the other type of ventilation. For example, if you have a turbine vent located near a stationary passive roof vent, as wind speed increases the turbine provides greater exhaust ventilation and may begin to draw air into the adjacent passive roof vent. This situation basically “short circuits” your attic’s ventilation needs because air is drawn in through the adjacent passive roof vent and exhausted a few feet away through the turbine vent. Ideally, air should be drawn into the attic through soffit vents (i.e. intake vents) under the eaves of your roof and exhausted through roof vents along the peak of your roof. This creates air movement throughout the attic and most effectively ventilates the entire attic space. However, when one type of roof vent draws air in through another type of roof vent along the roof peak, the attic fails to be fully / properly ventilated. And, during snow storms, when one type of roof vent draws air in through another type of vent you may very likely end up with snow in your attic. Another matter to consider is that even if only one type of roof exhaust vent is installed, vents can become “intake” vents when positioned lower than other vents on the roof. As you can see, achieving proper roof ventilation is not necessarily a simple task and actually requires some “know how”. After 44+ years of experience & regular attendance at ventilation training seminars, the staff at Larry Vaught Roofing have the “know how” to offer proper methods of roof ventilation to meet your home’s needs.

Need a Roofing Contractor to Install Roof Vents?

If you are you looking for Roofing Companies Kansas City then you came to the right place. Whether you are a homeowner needing an existing roof replaced, a home builder needing a roof installed on a home under construction, or a remodeling contractor needing a roof installed on a new addition, Larry L. Vaught Roofing has the “in house” staff you need to get your project completed professionally & competitively! We are a roof building contractor. Roofing Kansas City Experts!


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We are fast approaching the April 3, 2011 anniversary date of one of the biggest hail storms ever to hit our area and a significant number of those damaged properties are still awaiting necessary repairs to address the damage. If you own such a property, it is important you realize that your insurance company likely requires the storm damage be repaired by a certain date. Hopefully they’ve kept you informed as to when they expect the work to be completed by. If they haven’t, you best find out soon so you can take precautions to see that the work is completed within the timeframe allowed. According to our sources, many insurance companies allow ~24 months (or more) from the date of loss to have damaged property repaired / replaced, but we are also finding that some insurance companies may require the work be completed within 12 months of the date of loss. Regardless, we simply wish to make you aware that you probably have a deadline to complete repairs and advise you proceed accordingly.

Roof Storm Damage Repair

If you need roof storm damage repair work it is best to start with a Roof Inspection. Vaught Roofing is your Kansas City professional roofing contractor to handle roof storm damage. Unless you are 100% confident that your property has suffered extensive storm related roof damage, we advise having the extent of damage assessed by an honest, qualified, “local” roofing contractor BEFORE you file a claim with your insurance company.  Learn more about Roof Inspections and storm damage.

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Obviously the GAF Materials Corporation thinks highly of Larry L. Vaught Roofing. Otherwise they wouldn’t have certified us as a Master Elite contractor. This “honor” is bestowed upon no more than 3% of all contractors nationwide. Since we don’t have an equivalent honor we could bestow upon GAF, we will simply state that Larry L. Vaught Roofing really thinks highly of GAF too! We like them for numerous reasons, but are particularly pleased with GAF because we have found that in those rare instances that their shingles may have a manufacturing defect, it has been our experience that GAF handles their warranty claims professionally, promptly, and fairly. Regrettably, we can’t say the same about certain other composition shingle manufacturers. In this day and age, you might think all shingle manufacturers do a satisfactory job taking care of their warranty claims, but we find otherwise. In one recent situation we assisted a homeowner with their composition shingle warranty claim and it took nearly FOUR years before the shingle manufacturer finally agreed to have this customer’s defective roof replaced. Granted, this was one of the worst cases we have encountered, but we have observed other instances when shingle manufacturers made it ridiculously difficult for homeowners to resolve their claims and have even entirely denied legitimate claims. Based upon what we have seen during our 44+ years in business, GAF provides the best composition shingles available and is absolutely the best shingle manufacturer to deal with if ever a warranty issue arises! This quite relevant factor is often overlooked, but is something we think you should strongly consider when choosing the materials to be installed on your next roof.

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Toe boards are routinely installed on steep roofs to provide footing for workers so they can more easily & safely maneuver upon the roof. Toe Boards are also used to provide support for tools and materials being stacked upon the roof. When properly installed, toe boards do not result in damage to the roof, but when improperly installed (i.e. fastened directly through the exposed surface of the roof) there will be numerous nail holes through the exposed surface of the roof after the toe boards are removed. As you can imagine, having exposed nail holes through the surface of your roof is not a good thing and will very likely result in leakage. When toe boards are properly installed, the fasteners securing the toe boards to the roof are covered up by the succeeding course of roofing (i.e. toe board fasteners do not penetrate through the exposed surface of the roof). All toe boards “should” be installed in this fashion. Of course Larry Vaught Roofing installs all of their toe boards in this fashion, so when our toe boards are later removed there is not a single exposed nail hole through the roof. The same cannot be said of many roofing contractors. And, since painters, stucco contractors, and members of other trades occasionally need to get up on roofs to complete their work, they also install toe boards on roofs. We find these trades often fasten their toe boards improperly too, resulting in significant roof damage. Depending on how many toe boards are improperly installed upon a roof, there could literally be hundreds of exposed nail holes through a roof once the toe boards are removed. When you consider it costs around $10.00 to remove and replace each shingle that has an exposed nail hole through it, the cost to repair all of these exposed holes can really add up! Since toe boards are improperly fastened to roofs much more than you might expect, we advise you take necessary safe gaurds to assure your roof doesn’t end up being needlessly damaged.

Hire The Recommended Roofing Contractor

Vaught Roofing is a recommended roofing contractor in Kansas City. Don’t overlook the roofing contractor’s credentials when shopping for a good roofing contractor company. They offer valuable insight into a roof building company’s reputation, longevity, skill level, expertise, affiliations, and qualifications.

  • GAF Certified Master Elite® Roofing Contractor. Because of GAF’s stringent standards, only 3% of all roofing contractors have qualified as Master Elite® contractors!
  • Certainteed certified Shingle Master. Certainteed offers a number of programs for roofing contractors who want to take their business to the next level. Collectively, they call them the contractor’s EDGE. These programs are designed to promote the highest standards of excellence in the roofing industry.
  • Haag Certified Roof Inspector on staff.
    (Dan Whitfield HCRI-R).
  • Angie’s List 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Super Service Award recipient.
  • Regularly listed as an Angie’s List Honor Roll recipient.
  • A+ rated and accredited member of the Better Business Bureau / member since 1975.

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Bathroom ceiling fans that vent directly into an attic will move an immense amount of moisture laden air from the home’s interior to the attic. This can result in serious consequences, especially during cold winter months. Excessive moisture in attics can reduce the effectiveness of the attic’s insulation, cause condensation to occur within the attic, cause premature deterioration of the roof decking, cause shingles and underlayment on the roof to pucker up, contribute to mold growth, etc. For these reasons we advise that bathroom ceiling fans be exhausted to the exterior of the home instead of directly into the attic. To properly vent bathroom ceiling exhaust fans we advise the ceiling exhaust fans be connected to roof exhaust vents by insulated flexible duct, run the insulated ducts the shortest distance possible (less than ~12-feet), and connect them to plastic roof exhaust vents. Avoid connecting ducts to the home’s existing soffit vents (a.k.a. undereave vents) because undereave vents are “intake” vents, so much of the moisture laden air exiting the duct will be drawn back into the attic if exhausted at these “intake” vents. Also avoid connecting the ducts to existing metal passive roof vents because the moisture laden air may condensate when it makes contact with cold metal roof vents and then drip back in to the attic.

Roofing Resources

You may be interested in some of our Visual Aids Roofing Resources. Visual aids can be of great assistance when roofing a house for a variety of reasons. Since “a picture is worth a thousand words” we’ve included some roofing photos to help in those instances when a picture would make it so much easier to explain a certain issue. For example, we frequently find it necessary to propose the installation of kick out flashings.


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Concrete tile roofs require “two” flashings around vent pipes. One flashing is to be installed with the underlayment and another flashing is to be installed with the roof tiles. However, it is not uncommon to find tile roofs that only have a flashing integrated with the underlayment (i.e. beneath the tile), but no flashing integrated with the tile. This improper method of installation can result in an immense amount of water getting under the roof tiles around the vent pipes, causing accelerated deterioration of the underlayment and battens beneath the tile. If you can’t see a flashing around your plumbing vent pipes & / or flue vent pipes we recommend you have us check to see if these required flashings have been omitted and if so, get them installed promptly. Otherwise, those areas of your concrete tile roof below the vent pipes will very likely require replacement much sooner than the rest of the roof.

Concrete Tile Roofs Installed by Vaught Roofing

Thank you for visiting the Vaught Roofing Company of Kansas City Blog section. We are happy to provide these roofing resources for you. We would also love to help you with your concrete tile roof project. Please contact Vaught Roofing for a concrete tile roof estimate.


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Roof Power Vents are equipped with a thermostat which turns the vents on when attic temperatures reach around 100 degrees. However, when temperatures are less than 100 degrees ventilation of the attic is still quite necessary, especially during the cold winter months when warm moisture-laden air escapes from the living space into the attic. For this reason, it is recommended to have roof power vents equipped with a humidistat so moisture-laden winter air will be discharged automatically. Vaught Roofing can help you with your Roof Power Vent installation and setup. Our roofing professionals can do the job right!

Don’t Cut Corners with your Roofing Company

The few examples of “cutting corners” just mentioned are not only common place, but often result in roof leakage. Regrettably, many homeowners simply don’t realize the level of craftsmanship & specific materials actually required to provide a “good” roof installation. Be careful when choosing your roofing companies Kansas City.

The simple facts are that just about anyone can fasten roofing materials to a roof deck, but few actually have the expertise to furnish the appropriate materials and install them “correctly”, especially where the roof adjoins siding, chimneys, skylights, vent pipes, roof vents, valleys, etc.


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Homeowners in Missouri have lost some protection for dealing with insurance claim specialits. MO Senate Bill 101 Effective August 28, 2011; Senate Bill 101 was recently signed in to law by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, being represented in part as legislation to protect “homeowners” from contractors who represent themselves as “insurance claims specialists”. What this bill actually does however is protect the insurance industry by making it more difficult and more costly for homeowners in Missouri to determine whether or not the settlement amount being offered by their insurance company is a fair amount. The new legislation states: “A residential contractor shall not represent or negotiate, or offer or advertise to represent or negotiate, on behalf of an owner or possessor of residential real estate on any insurance claim in connection with the repair or replacement of roof systems, or the performance of any other exterior repair, replacement, construction, or reconstruction work.” In effect, a homeowner will now most likely have to pay a licensed adjuster (at substantial cost) if they wish assistance in negotiating a fair settlement amount from their insurance company. This invaluable service to Missouri property owners has (until now) been routinely provided (free of charge) by many roofers & exterior contractors. However, thanks to Missouri Senate Bill 101, it is now un-lawful for us to negotiate on a property owners behalf and will therefore likely result in fewer contended claim settlement amounts and significant out of pocket costs for those property owners who choose to seek assistance with their claim through a licensed adjuster.

Roofing Company for Homeowners in Missouri

Roofing Contractor Proudly serving Missouri & Kansas homeowners in the Greater Kansas City area for over 50 years. When you choose Larry L. Vaught Roofing for your home roofing contractor needs you will receive:

  • Friendly & courteous staff to answer your calls from 8 to 5 weekdays
  • Professional assessment of your roof’s condition (by appointment if desired)
  • A free / no obligation written estimate
  • Timely and accurate scheduling of work
  • Completion of the work according to schedule
  • Completion of the work fully according to the scope of work proposed
  • Professional & courteous customer support

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Don’t Wait for Roof Repair on your home. This tip is brief, but important. If you have roof repair needs of any sort, don’t postpone the process of getting estimates & contracting to have the work done.

I say this because virtually every reputable roofing contractor in the area is booked-up for the next several months due to widespread roof damage resulting from recent hail storms. Many homeowners are aware of the immense damage that has occurred, but many are not aware. So, when those who are not aware call to get a reroof or repair estimate and find out it will be several “weeks” just to get an estimate and several months before the work can be completed they are typically quite shocked! The back-logged schedules are just getting lengthier as each week passes & the cost of roofing materials continues to rise (~20% over the past 6 months alone).

So, if you suspect your roof may need any sort of attention within the next year, I strongly suggest you Don’t Wait for Roof Repair estimates.

Do you need a Professional and Honest Roof Inspection?

If you suspect your roof has sustained storm damage, here are some key issues to be aware of:

  • Unless you are 100% confident that your property has suffered extensive storm related roof damage, we advise having the extent of damage assessed by an honest, qualified, “local” roofing contractor BEFORE you file a claim with your insurance company.
  • As you might expect, your home owner’s insurance premiums are affected by the total dollar amount of insurable losses you have been reimbursed for over the years.  But, your premiums may also be affected by the “frequency” of claims filed.  So, if you file a claim, and no damage is found (i.e. you are not paid a dime for the claim), your premiums may still be negatively impacted simply for having filed the claim!  So, it’s best not to file a claim until you have good reason to file claim.

Please read our Roof Inspections page to learn more about the reasons to get one and what to expect.