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Roofing distributors in Kansas City have recently notified us to expect 5% to 10% roofing material cost increases, effective April 2nd, 2018. Since those increases will add significantly to the cost of roofing projects, consider getting your roofing projects contracted “before” those increases occur. We may not be able to start your project before April 2nd, but we can save you from incurring those roofing material cost increases if you act soon. Simply contract with us before April 2nd, allowing us sufficient time to acquire your materials before April 2nd and it will save you from needlessly incurring those additional costs. So, don’t hesitate. Save yourself some money and act before the April 2nd roofing material cost increases occur.

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Distributors will occasionally announce increases that end up not being implemented. However, we have not encountered any roofing material cost increases for quite some time now. Therefore, we fully expect this announced increase will occur. Especially considering the increased demand for building materials due to widespread property damage resulting from hurricanes last year. Regardless, why risk the possibility of incurring cost increases? Act now and avoid these likely increases.

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