This is your Roofing Contractors Kansas City Checklist! The following is a “Check List” to assist you with the selection of your next Kansas City roofing contractors. The check list not only provides important issues to consider about the CONTRACTOR, but offers key issues about roof INSTALLATION that should also be considered! Use our roofing contractor checklist resource to help you choose the best roofing contractor for your job.

Key Issues to consider about the roofing contractors Larry Vaught Roofing Typical Contractor Response of contractor being considered:
Is roofing contractor using its own full time employees to install the roof? YES, we install roofs with our own full time employees NO, sub-contracts the installation to others
Will contractor provide an English speaking crew? YES NO
Is roof contractor “certified” by a shingle manufacturer? YES, GAF Master Elite and Certainteed certified Shingle Master NO, not certified
Will contractor load materials onto driveway (preventing you from use of the drive)? NO, we load materials onto the roof & do not prevent use of driveway overnight. YES, on the driveway, preventing use of drive
Will contractor have a trash trailer or dumpster left at your location overnight or several nights (potentially blocking you from use of the drive)? NO, we drive our dump trucks to and from the job each day. YES, on the driveway or street
Does home roof contractor offer a manufacturer’s material warranty that provides 50-years of non-prorated coverage? YES, and typically included in the quote (for lifetime warranted shingles) NO, pro-rated after 5 years
Does roof contractor provide a shingle manufacturer’s warranty that includes tear off costs on a non prorated basis for 50-years? YES, and typically included in the quote *For lifetime warranted shingles NO, tear off costs not included
Is the roofing contractor a member of the Better Business Bureau? YES NO, not a member
If the roofing contractor is a member of the BBB, what is Contractor’s rating? A+ rating NOT a member or has a poor rating
If the home roof contractor is a member of the BBB, how long a member? Since February 1st, 1975 NOT a member or not a long time member
Has the contractor been in business “locally” for over 50 years? Since 1967 NO, typically less than 10 yrs
Is contractor easy to contact (i.e. have full time office staff, service department, fax, e-mail)? YES, full time office staff, phones answered 8 to 5 weekdays, with fax, & e-mail NO, must leave message on recorder
Does contractor require a deposit? NO, not in most instances YES
Does contractor expect payment immediately upon completion? NO, terms are net 30 YES
Does contractor register the shingle warranty on behalf of the homeowner? YES, when routinely providing extended warranties NO
Will new step flashings be installed where roof adjoins siding? YES NO
Will step flashings be installed one per course, as required per code? YES NO
Will step flashings be of dimension required per building code? YES,
4″ by 4″ by 8″
2½″ by 2½″ by 7″
Will bottom step flashings be installed in fashion to assure proper kick out is provided (i.e. to assure water is properly diverted to the exterior of siding)? YES NO
Will galvanized metal valley flashing be furnished that meets 24″ minimum width as designated per building code? YES,
24″ wide
Often only 20″ wide
Will roof mastic be applied along sides of metal valley flashing? YES NO
Will bird proof & snow resistant passive roof vents be furnished? YES, when passive vents are proposed. NO
Will portions of the roof be removed and simply covered by tarps or felt paper overnight? NOT in most instances. YES
Will corners of shingles be trimmed along valleys and flashings where necessary to help prevent water from migrating under the shingle courses? YES, per manufacturer’s instructions NO
Will new roof sheathing be fastened and spaced according to building code specifications? YES
(See our website December 2009 Tip of the Month)
Will edge flashing be installed properly (i.e. beneath the underlayment along eaves & on top of the underlayment along rakes)? YES NO
Will 2 plies of underlayment (or better) be installed on slopes of 2-in-12 to < 4-in-12? YES NO
Is the yard and driveway going to be left in clean / usable / safe / condition at the end of each day? YES NO

*We also strongly encourage you to compare contractors by visiting their jobs in progress. It is absolutely the best way to discover first hand how contractor’s actually operate. We will gladly provide you with the addresses of our jobs in progress upon request.

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