Are you searching for a guttering company Kansas City? Since guttering and roofing go hand in hand to protect your home from water intrusion, Larry L. Vaught Roofing also provides quality guttering services. So, keep us in mind if you need:

  • New gutters
  • Gutter repair
  • Debris removed from gutters
  • Gutter screens

Guttering Company KC Offering Gutter Installation and Repair

Guttering Company Kansas City imageWe routinely furnish and install K-Style 5-inch seamless aluminum gutters with 3″ by 4″ aluminum downspouts.KC Guttering Company


Guttering Company KC imageWe hang our gutters with Metech metal hangers for a cleaner look since the hangers are concealed within the interior of the gutter and are not driven through the lip of the gutter like gutter spikes. And, Metech hangers are fastened to the fascia with screws, which results in a more reliable / stronger fastening method than gutter spikes typically provide.


Kansas City Guttering CompanyFor the final touch, we recommend EZ-Lock powder coated gutter screen for an effective and economical means of keeping debris out of your gutters.


And, most importantly we install our customer’s gutters with our own full time highly skilled employees.

To learn more about guttering and installation check out our .  You have found your guttering company Kansas City!