Home Humidifiers can Result in Condensation Problems

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Condensation is a common problem during the winter.  As temperatures drop we have received lots of calls from area homeowners reporting wetness around their can lights.  In virtually every instance the problem was attributable to condensation.  And, in most cases the problem was a direct result of a home humidifier being set too high! It’s… Read more »

Roof repairs performed by the experts at Larry Vaught Roofing

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We are your roof repair experts!  Larry L. Vaught Roofing, Inc. is the local, family owned roofing contractor that Kansas City area homeowners have counted on for 50 years to address all of their roofing needs.  We provide our own full time highly skilled staff to accurately identify faulty conditions, propose the proper repair, and… Read more »

Bathroom ceiling fans should vent to the exterior

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Bathroom ceiling fans that vent directly into an attic will move an immense amount of moisture laden air from the home’s interior to the attic. This can result in serious consequences, especially during cold winter months. Excessive moisture in attics can reduce the effectiveness of the attic’s insulation, cause condensation to occur within the attic,… Read more »