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Municipalities are adopting new city ordinances to more strictly regulate the activities of contractors working within their communities. There may be good reason for implementing stricter regulations. However, new city ordinances will inevitably end up costing residents significantly more as contractors comply with those stricter regulations. In some instances, contractors may even choose not to […]

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Condensation is a common problem during the winter. As temperatures drop we have received lots of calls from area homeowners reporting wetness around their can lights. In virtually every instance the problem was attributable to condensation. And, in most cases the problem was a direct result of a home humidifier being set too high! It’s […]

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Step flashing is used to provide a water tight connection where roofing adjoins a vertical juncture. This flashing is typically field fabricated from a sheet of 26 ga. to 30 ga. galvanized sheet metal, bent at a 90-degree angle (i.e. bent into an “L” shape). Once step flashing is installed per each course of shingles […]

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Snow Infiltrates Roof Vents after snow storm in Kansas City area. We have received a number of calls today from homeowners who report that snow blew into their attic (through roof vents) during Thursday’s severe snow storm. The solution is to replace these vents with passive roof vents which have a snow filter in them. […]

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