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Your roof is an investment you shouldn’t ignore. With winter in full swing, it is doing its job to protect you and your family from the frigid weather. The likelihood of it getting damaged, however, increases during this time. As such, you need to take the necessary steps to mitigate issues. 

Winter roof damage mitigation

Get Leaks Fixed

A common winter problem homeowners face involves the excessive humidity inside their homes. As warm air rises and moves through the attic, condensation starts to develop, causing mold and rot to thrive. If not addressed right away, the roof’s structure could weaken. Before this issue gets worse, get in touch with your trusted roofer right away. This is especially true if you see some signs early on like water stains on your ceiling and walls.

Trim Trees Around Your Home

Snow and ice can accumulate on loose branches, causing them to break off the tree and fall on your roof. Make sure to trim back the branches that are touching your roof and other parts of your home’s exterior, creating a gap of at least 10 feet.

Schedule Roof Maintenance

Start the year right by giving your roof the attention it deserves. Talk to your local roofer about inspections and maintenance work. This can be scheduled at least once a year, although roofing contractors recommend doing so on a biannual basis. Getting the pros to check your roof allows them to identify and repair any issues it might have. This endeavor also ensures the long-term performance of your investment while reducing untimely but costly repairs.

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