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A reroof proposal (a.k.a. contract) can provide you with valuable insight about the contractor who prepared it. For example, you should assume a contractor is likely to perform poorly when they start off providing you a poor reroof proposal. After all, it just makes sense to doubt a contractor’s abilities when their proposal is vague, riddled with misspelled words, doesn’t address obvious issues, etc. Likewise, it is logical to assume a contractor is more likely to perform well when they start out by presenting you with a well prepared reroof proposal

You can count on Larry Vaught Roofing to routinely provide reroof proposals that are customized to address the specific scope of work recommended for that job. Considerable time and effort goes into preparing our proposals. After all, each job has its own unique characteristics. Therefore, we put forth the effort necessary to identify the unique characteristics specific to each project so we can then propose to properly address them.

To the contrary, many contractors rely on a standardized form & simply fill in a few blanks to vaguely describe the scope of work they intend to perform. Worse yet, some contractors offer nothing more than a hand written note that states the type of shingles and the price. That is it!

What should a professional reroof proposal include?

When you receive a reroof proposal from Kansas City Roofing company Vaught Roofing, we routinely address numerous pertinent issues, including:

  • intake & exhaust ventilation needs
  • the potential need for sheet metal saddles behind chimneys
  • special underlayments for roof slopes less than 4-in-12 slope
  • ice barrier underlayments along eaves and beneath metal valley flashings
  • extended warranty options
  • integration of roof flashings with siding
  • proper kick out of flashings
  • city reroof permits
  • compliance with any specific local code requirements.

Our professionalism begins with preparation of a customized reroof proposal specific to the needs of the project. And we continue to provide professional courteous services through the entire project. Including warranty registration at the conclusion of the job, as well as promptly & courteously performing any call back services that may be needed. But don’t take our word for it. The next time you need a reroof be sure to request a proposal from Larry Vaught Roofing. You will promptly receive a customized written proposal that addresses the key issues specific to your project. We think you’ll find that our detailed, concise, & informative proposal will help make your selection of a knowledgeable and professional contractor that much easier!

Click on the following link to see a sample of our typical detailed and professional reroof proposal.

Sample Reroof Proposal

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