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No matter what home improvement project you are planning, it is essential to choose a skilled contractor. One of the things you should look for when hiring a company is the HAAG certification. With a certified contractor, you’ll have peace of mind that your investment is in good hands. 

HAAG-Certified Contractor

Keep on reading to learn what the HAAG certification is and the benefits of working with a certified contractor. 

What Is the HAAG Certification?

Estimators, home inspectors, consultants, adjusters, roofing professionals and contractors can obtain the HAAG certification. HAAG Engineering is a forensic engineering and consulting firm that offers an intensive certification program to help sharpen the skills of professionals. Once accepted to the program, the professionals will go through three days of training by HAAG-Certified Engineers. 

After the course, all students will take a comprehensive exam to assess their knowledge of advanced damage assessment techniques and philosophies. This exam will determine if they will earn the HAAG Certified Inspector designation. Certified professionals must still take annual tests to prove that they have retained their knowledge. 

Why Work With a HAAG-Certified Contractor?

A HAAG-certified contractor knows how to properly check roofing systems for signs of damage. They are knowledgeable on the characteristics of different weather conditions, industry standards, building codes, roof area calculations and inspections. 

These contractors are well-versed in roof installation, repair costs, weathering and maintenance of major types of roofing systems. HAAG-certified roofers use science-based techniques and methods to locate and address roof damage. By working with a certified contractor, you’ll know and get what’s best for your roof’s performance and longevity. 

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