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Heat and humidity are greatly responsible for roofing concerns that can be too challenging to fix. It is worth noting that this significantly affects the maintenance of a roof and even poses health hazards to its occupants. To help you get a clearer understanding of this matter, we’ll talk you through it in detail.

  • Once moisture finds its way into a home’s attic, the property can be immediately at serious risk for significant structural defects. Moisture can become trapped in the room. This leads to the development of condensation and mold growth on the floor joists of the attic, roof joists and even your roof rafters. When this happens, wood rot occurs, compromising the stability of the plywood sheathing and causing the other layers to separate. Experts remind that breathing in mold spores can cause coughing and even itchy eyes. This would even trigger allergic reactions and risky asthma attacks.
  • Excessive heat from the sun and heat rising into your attic or crawl space can cause your shingles to curl and shrink, nails to pop, screws to loosen and weak areas to form. When this happens, cracks and splits on the roof can allow water to seep into your home, leading to expensive water damage.

Moreover, given these circumstances that do not only jeopardize your property, but your family as well, it is critical to have your roof regularly inspected by a professional for signs of water damage, especially after a storm event. Make certain you are able to call for help to detect and address small problems before they cause the failure of your roofing system.

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